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SavePro ppe vending machine

SavePro: industrial vending solutions for effective PPE distribution

What is our industrial vending machine: SavePro?

SavePro is the flagship of our industrial vending machines, especially designed for storing and distributing protective personal equipment (ppe) and various types of industrial tools and items. It helps you reduce your stock size, thus save up to 50% of your ppe/mro budget and automates the distribution of the items. It looks and operates like a snack machine, but is equipped with a sophisticated  software (which is exactly the most important thing when you look for industrial vending machines for sale). Our software – SaveLog:

  • records each transaction
  • lets you set a limit on the access of your employees to the items of your choice
  • operates 24/7, thus there is no break in workflow
  • sends you up-to-date reports of the consumption
  • alerts you when your stock it’s time to fill-up your stock
  • out multi-language display communicates with your employees in their own language
What items are industrial vending solutions are the best to use for:
  • That are expensive to store
  • That are heavily used by the employees 
  • Whose allocation is difficult to oversee
  • That are required over an extensive work area 

SavePro's benefits

24/7 Availability100%
Recording and restriction of employee-access to items100%
Control of consumption100%
Up to 50% Cost reduction50%







What can you put into SavePro?

             SOME EXAMPLES: 
industrial vending solutions

How many items can you fit into SavePro?

                     Average capacity: 1000-1200 pcs                                                                                                                             Maximum capacity: 1800 pcs
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Using SavePro - it has never been easier


How do you know when you need to fill the machine up?

SavePro records each and every transaction – which employee took, when and what item(s) – and sends you the the report via email. Also, you may set a bottom for your stock level and SavePro will alert you when your stock reaches that minimum. Furthermore, you can set automatic reorder and just sit back and watch as our vending solution does the work for you.

Flexible offers: rent or buy

For several reasons You might feel, that you rather rent, than buy industrial vending solutions. With our flexible pricing, we make it happen to you: you can choose to either buy or rent our machines. Moreover, we tailor our solutions exactly to your needs. We even provide you with a trial period, when we fine tune your configuration and set up for the best possible results. If you are not satisfied, you may send back the vending machines, no strings attached.

Manufacturing and support from within the Europen Union

There might be many industrial vending machines for sale on the market, but – according to our partners’ feedback – our main advantage to our competitors, is that we manufacture and provide support from within the EU. We made it our priority to be a solution-oriented company, that’s why fast and flexible support is our main goal. We understand that you want a partner not only before signing the contract, but also during the installation and test period, as well as in the daily operation of all industrial vending solutions.

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Conveyor-type module in the spiral-operated SavePro


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