Industrial vending solutions for saving on PPE and MRO consumption

IVM is an European Union based vending machine manufacturer, that is specializing in industrial vending solutions to distribute PPE (personal protective equipment), MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) tools and office supplies.


Our vending solutions: the SaveLog system

SavePro - for PPE distribution


SaveCon - for MRO distribution



SaveRent - for renting out heavy, expensive items
saverent industrial vending machine
SaveBox - added space for any SaveLog machine


How are we different from other vending machine manufacturers


We develop and manufacture our vending machines within the European Union. But more importantly, we provide SUPPORT from within the EU. Why is it important, when you choose your vending machine company? Because you want fast answers to your questions and quick solutions to your problems. There are many good vending machine manufacturers, but do you want to deal with time-difference and long overseas shipping OR you want continuous workflow, quick and flexible support? If you want the latter, you need us.


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Our umbrella software – SAVELOG – operates ALL of our solutions. We are not only a vending machine manufacturer, but a vending machine company, that develops its own cutting edge software to suit all of our machines. This makes scaling very easy, since you don’t need to install and learn to work with several softwares, but only one. Also our plug-and-play features make installations easy.


industrial vending manufacturer

We concentrate on industrial vending solutions, that’s what we are the best at. We are not a coffee / drink / snack / toy / industrial vending company, but a dynamically growing industrial vending machine company.



Industrial vending machine companyWe offer machines for BUY or RENT with flexible pricing tailored to your needs. You have an option for a trial period, when we help you find out the best configuration for you. If you are not satisfied, you send back the vending machine.



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Your employees speak only their mother-tounge? Not a problem: our MULTI-LANGUAGE DISPLAY can handle any national character and communicate with your employees in their own language.

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