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Emese Várnagy in Manager Magazine

Emese Várnagy was featured in manager magazine, one of the most widely circulated economic magazines in Hungary. Here is the extract of the article.


Emese Várnagy, CEO of IVM Zrt., talks about her exciting hobbies and provides insight into the world of Hungarian economy. She started horse riding as a hobby in Cuba, then tried shooting, paraglinding, skiing, rafting and now she’s the county’s president of Diana Hungarian Hunting Association.

These hobbies helped her to become the woman she is now, and to have the personality which is indispendible for a successful CEO. In her opinion sturdiness, prudence, punctuality, creativity and confidence are the most important caracteristics of a good leader.


Her idol is Pierre Fisher, inventor and leader of NacroMedic: “He taught me that everything is possible if you believe in yourself and in succes” – she said. That is why she managed to get this far, even in Hungary, where more and more enterprises go bankrupt. She thinks it would be preventable with proper trainings. That’s something she is planning on the future, her ideas approach to reforming education by giving useful knowledge to the youth, so they will grow to happy, healthy, satisfied adults.



Here some other pictures testifying how exciting hobbies she has:

P1090809Rafting in Slovenia

P1080242Skiing with family

Emese koronglövészetShooting


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