Virtual Vending – virtual warehouse system


Virtual Warehouse on a Display


Virtual Vending is a function defined in SaveLog, which basically makes your warehouse a virtual vending machine.

Virtual Vending function runs on a special display, called SaveTerminal, placed in your manufacturing area, your workers – after identifying themselves by company card – can access the Virtual Vending function. On SaveTerminal they can see the products in your warehouse, remotely select the item they need  and it from the warehouse-keeper some minutes later. Imagine the warehouse and the warehouse keeper as a huge vending machine and SaveTerminal (with Virtual Vending function) as the machine’s display. It means of course that all rightsand restrictions of a vending machine applies in Virtual Vending as well.

WHY Virtual Vending?


100% controlled processes

Individual restrictions applykzeuge (auch die ausgetauschten) können über das lokale Netzwerk

Fast and simple product distribution from the warehouse

No more queues in front of the warehouse

Easy, semi-automatic administrationndig integrierbar für Support- / Ticketing-Systeme Vollständig 

All rights and restrictions of a vending machine applies in Virtual Vending as wellLager Schnelle und einfache Produktverteilu

How does it work?

Your warehouse is configured as a ‘virtual vending machine’ in SaveLog: it shows shelves and positions (just like in a VM), each of which represents the location of a product in the warehouse. Your workers see only those products they are entitled to ’vend’, and when they select a certain item, the warehouse -keeper will not only get the item-request, but also will see where it is located in the warehouse.

SaveTerminal (the display) can be located anywhere in the manufacturing area: at a central location or at the entrance of the warehouse. Once the worker selects the product, the warehouse-keeper is notified about this product-request and authorizes the transaction on his own computer. Collects the product from the warehouse and sends out a notification to the worker to come fetch the requested product. That’s it, fast and simple.

The whole process is 100% controlled, since the product selection can be done only after the employee logs in. Virtual Vending function can simultaneously handle more than one item selection, and the authorization must be done by the manager (fully or partly). The transaction will only be saved after the warehouse-keeper validated the process.

ERP integration

Upon request, the entire ’virtual vending’ process could be connected to your ERP system or your distributor’s warehouse system through our API, thus functions like automatic reordering, remote ordering can be done with some clicks.

Excellent to handle

  • Consignment stocks of distributors
  • Products that are bulky or the volume is too large, but can’t be placed in an automated system and has to be authorized and restricted


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Company card



Local server, Plug&Play, 3Gnetwork, Mixed VPN-Localclosednetwork, SaveNetwork(VPN), IVM Cloud

We think in systems

Virtual Vending is managed by the same, easy to use umbrella application –SaveLog–that controls all other IVM units.

Benefits of the SaveLog software

 Controls and tracks all transactions (distribution, rent, take back)

 Generates standard and custom reports for management and administration

 Multilanguage software and control panel interface

 Sets and manages company- and individual-level restrictions


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