SaveStore – Smart container for constructions


Why SaveStore?

Smart container solution designed for construction’s fields. SaveStore ensures the continuous availability and the automated, 100% controlled distribution of construction tools, equipment.


100% control and cost tracking: personal access rights can be set and all transactions are logged to the individual user

All of your crucial construction equipment available 24/7

20-55% possible cost savings related to construction tools

Capacity, machine portfolio – easily customizable to meet changing requirements

Full integration with Savelog system

Capacity, machine portfolio – easily customizable to meet changing requirements

Distribution process

Which automats are recommended in the Savestore?

Advantages of 2-level access control (entry and machine-level)

 Total control over who can enter and access tools

 Real-time information and reports on SaveRoom visits, even if there are no transactions on the vending machines

 Automated personnel and company information exchange between SaveLog and access control system

Benefits of SaveLog software:

Controls and tracks all transactions (distribution, rent, take back)


Generates standard and custom reports for management and administration


Multilanguage software and control panel interface


Sets and manages company- and individual-level restrictions

Technical parameters

Basic size: 2,5 x 6 m

Extra size: 3 x 7 m

Additional unit can be attached to both sizes.

Built in network solutions

2-level access system (entry and machine-level)

Air conditioning and heating to maintain optimal conditions at all times

Video camera monitoring system

We think in system

SaveStore is managed by the same, easy to use software application – SaveLog – as the rest of the IVM machines. Thus it is easily scalable with IVM’s other powerful solutions.




                                                                                                                                                                                 Company card        Bar code        PIN code


Local server, Plug&Play, 3G network, Mixed VPN-Local closed network, SaveNetwork (VPN), IVM cloud

Inner view

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