SaveRing – 3 in 1 carousel vending machine



SaveRing is one of the most versatile industrial vending machines currently available on the market.

With the ability to store and distribute up to 540 unique items, SaveRing combines 3 basic operations: allocate single-use items; rent (rent-track, reserve and return) multi-use tools; return (recycle) used items.


Why SaveRing?


Perfect for fragile, heavier and liquid items (they do not drop in the receiving bin)

100% control of product usage and distribution

Extremely versatile product-vending capability and layout options

The front panels are not transparent, employees can only view the products on the touchscreen that they have access to

Distribute up to 540 unique items

Fast and reliable support system within the EU


SaveRing is unique, because...

3-in-1 operation capability
Easy refilling thanks to our color-coded system and the turn-out display. You simply cannot make a mistake
Fast and simple reconfiguration and refilling at the site
Our solutions communicate with you and your employees in their own language (multilingual display)
Increased configuration variety


3 in 1

SaveRing can simultaneously distribute, rent, return and also reserve products. For example, one position can be configured to only distribute the product inside, while another can rent the item within, meaning that after the work is done, the user returns the item to the same position. Returning (recycling) is the collection and storage of used or dirty item, which essentially turns certain positions into a recycling point. Reservation allows the user to select products on the touchscreen, to retain them for themselves or their company units for up to 30 days ahead. All these options can operate simultaneously in one machine.


Configuration types


What can you store inside


Basically, anything under 30 cm in height. Best for :

Benefits of SaveLog software:


Controls and tracks all transactions (distribution, rent, take back)


Generates standard and custom reports for management and administration


Multilanguage software and control panel interface


Sets and manages company- and individual-level restrictions

Technical parameters

Dimensions: Parameters
Dimension: 1250 x 1150 x 2050 mm
Own mass: 500 kg
Voltage: 230V/50 Hz
Turn-out display  10.1″
Max capacity: max 540 item
Colour: Grey


                                                                                                                                                                                 Company card        Bar code        PIN code




Local server, Plug&Play, 3G network, Mixed VPN-Local closed network, SaveNetwork (VPN), IVM cloud




We think in system

SaveRing is managed by the same, easy to use software application – SaveLog – as the rest of the IVM machines. Thus it is easily scalable with IVM’s other powerful solutions.

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