SaveRent System – for reserving, renting work tools

Locker-type tool renting and monitoring system

SaveRent professional industrial renting machine allows the storing, distribution and return of frequently used, valuable tools and items. The system saves each and every transaction, recording which user accessed what item. SaveRent also tracks the parameters of tools currently out on rent, providing the user with option to check the current whereabouts and condition of all products. Set limitations on quantity, access and rental times. Receive automatically generated, custom reports that contain the data your company needs. Create custom statuses for products, automatically block items when warranty expires, and many additional features that will revolutionize the way you approach tool logistics and make use of many additional features.


Why SaveRent System?

Detailed reports – compile the data you need and have it delivered to you at scheduled intervals

100% control over your tools and their condition

Plan the use of your tools: reserve and track tools’ whereabouts

Secure storage and complex limitation system to make sure only the designated people can access the products

Automatic SMS and email alerts to users and maintainers

Lifetime hours and warranty


1. The employee approaches the unit and logs in through the interface with either a PIN code, company RFID card or barcode.
2. He proceeds to select an item available to him. Of the tools that are not available or that are currently out on rent he can receive information on the touchscreen.
3. The employee inserts the rental time, presses ‘Rent’ and the product’s box pops open.
4. Once finished with the work, the product is returned to the machine, and after the status is selected (to track the condition) the same door automatically opens for the employee to place back the rented items.
5. Should anything be wrong with the item, the selection of the right status will automatically notify the maintainer and block the product from further rentals.



What can you store inside

The possibilities are almost limitless!



Set-up variation

It is like building blocks: you can attach your own set of lockers to SaveBox Smart, designing a custom-build locker-setup matching exactly your needs.




Technical details


Dimensions Technical details
Dimension: 254 x 500 x 1840 mm
Own mass: 40-60 kg
Voltage: 230V/51 Hz
Number of doors: 2-10
Current transformer: 230V – 24V
Color: Grey


Company card, BAR code, PIN code

We think in systems

SaveRent is managed by the same, easy to use umbrella application –SaveLog–that controls all other IVM units.

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