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SaveRent – know where your equipment is at all times!

SaveRent Professional Industrial Renting Machine

SaveRent automat is a unique tool-renting machine designed for storing and renting out valuable tools, IT equipment, car keys and other items that are not one-use only consumables, but are constantly being used by various workers for presentations, repairs and work. SaveRent was designed and is manufactured by IVM with the demands of demands of  the new millenniumin sight. 

The system is capable of giving real-time information about which employee rented out an item, when he is expected to return the item and also the condition of said item. The automat is also capable of automatically tracking certain qualities like warranty expiry or lifetime, and shutting down products when they reach these user-defined criteria!

SaveRent was awarded with the Industrial Days 2016 Grand Prize

SaveRent features

Traceability of tools100%
Usage efficiency85%
Reduction of tools needed60%
Planning ahead90%


This automatic system is serious, helpful and easy to use. IVM was the first who appeared with such a product on the market, which is useful and works well. – Lajos Göndör, Haberkorn

Two different software packages

Based on the same automat
The difference appears only in the software system and in the level of IT support:
  • SaveRent Classic
  • We recommend this package for smaller companies with more simple processes. The Classic package allows the setting of maximum rental times on a company unit level and the receiving of automatic email reports, among various other software functions.

  • Professional
  • The upgraded software package has it all: from optional SMS (text) alerts to sophisticated, individual level restrictions, from visual warranty/lifetime tracking to flexible statuses.

    It is the best solution for users, who wish to further customize their system and bring their tool tracking and administration to the next level.


      SaveRent technical parameters

      The rental machine stands on adjustable legs and is equipped with secure doors that cannot be opened from outside. The door windows are made of PMMAso the quantity and condition of the items are visible from the outside.  .

      The system is operated by the SaveLog management software, which is:
      • Responsible for the tracking and monitoring of usage
      • Provides quick overview and automatic reports
      • Stores data 24/7, even in the case of network failure
      Automat features
      • PIN or RFID login options
      • Define a language for each employee- the machine will switch the entire interface into that language upon logging in
      • Large, high definition graphic touchscreen, capable of displaying customer marketing videos
      • The SaveRent automat has a fixed structure (7 doors) but can act a master unit and can be expended with modular, additional SaveBox storage units.
      • The doors are popped open by electronic locks and are theft-proof from the outside.

      Employees gain access to the products after identifying themselves through the logging process. The operator can decide -with the help of the sophisticated limitation system – what the individual employee can rent and for how long. The software tracks every rental including the expected return time. Other users can notify the employee currently having the item in his possession and request its return via email or SMS through the interface.

      It is easy to use!

      Product rental takes appx. 12 seconds for an employee familiar with the system. Users can select an item from those available to them on the touchscreen and insert the expected time of return. If the operator has set a maximum rental time, they cannot exceed that time period with their rental.

      Security and integrity

      SaveRent was designed exclusively for industrial environments! Your data is secure.  The database of the software can be installed on a separate server, stored in cloud solutions or periodical backups make sure that nothing of value is ever lost!






      Dimensions Technical details
      Dimensions: 400 x 500 x 1840 mm
      Own mass: 80 kg
      Voltage: 230V/51Hz
      Current in-take: 1 A
      Current transformer: 230V – 24V
      Protection against e. shock: It can be connected to a grounded power network
      Number of shelves: 3-10
      Max weight capacity/position’: 20 kg
      Operating temperature: 0 – 40Co
      Power consumption: 30W
      System requirement:
      230V socket
      static IP address
      LAN network connection


      Storage space can be expanded

      Need more storage space? One SaveRent is not enough? Expand your SaveRent with SaveBoxes: you can connect any number or SaveBoxes, thus tailor their storage capacity to your need. Below you can see the SaveBox variations to choose from. More information on SaveBoxes: Here.

      savebox méretek
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