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The  flagship product of IVM Zrt is a multiple award-winning industrial vending machine for storing and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, gloves, office supplies, medical devices and other consumables. SavePro is manufactured within the European Union. It is capable of 24/7 unassisted operation, is highly productive and supports service activities. 



Only a few installed SavePro machine resulted a significant cost reduction: the expance of the PPE decreased by 30%. - Zsolt Medrala, CFO, Freudenberg Hungary

SavePro's benefits

Up to 50% Cost reduction50%
Control over consumption100%
Restriction and recording of employee access to items100%
Available 24/7100%

Features of SavePro
  • Automatic security tray sealing off the interior of the automat.
  • A massive, but easy-to-move access door protected by one or more electronic locks.
  • Completely redesigned receiving bin for a faster and safer product withdrawal.
  • Two additional plug-in points for maintenance – no need to remove the entire bin to access the PC anymore.

Some examples to put into SavePro

Manufacturing products, tubes, sprays, liquids, protective clothing etc.



Accessible - easy to use!

Withdrawing the product takes about 10 seconds for an average user! SavePro completely eliminates the lines in front of the warehouse and roots out unnecessary administration costs and times!



Technical Specifications of the SavePro Industrial Vending Machine

SavePro vending machine stands on adjustable levelling legs. The front panel is made of unbreakable plexiglass. The access door is easy to open and is theft-proof! 


The automat is operated by the SaveLog software
  • The software is responsible for the monitoring and recording of all transactions and operations.
  • It logs all data and is able to send them automatically in email or present them in downloadable, importable XLS or CSV files.
  • It continues to operate even in the case of network errors.
  • Supports 3 ID methods: card readers, bar code reader or PIN code-based login
  • It has a multicolored graphic display that is also able to display customized marketing videos
  • SavePro is available in 10 different languages and is able to display all character codes
  • The access door is secure, massive, but also easy to push open
  • The two-stage theft-protection system eliminates all unauthorized access to the interior of the machine, even during product vending
Internal Layout
  • The automat has 6 shelves that can be expanded with an optional 7th shelf. SaveBox additional units can be added for more extensive, modular storage space!
  • The helixes have different types and sizes, from small single to large double helixes, enabling IVM to customize every single machine specifically for the needs of the customer and configure them according to the products that are going to be stored in the automats.
  • The number of combinations is almost limitless and the machine is able to dispense a wide variety of items.

The employees can only access the items after logging in with their PIN code or entrance cards. The operator can define a sophisticated restriction system that ensures that employees can only withdraw the items they are supposed to and only in the allowed quantities. All transactions are monitored and logged to the individual employees! You can also attach project codes and cost codes to the item distribution.

100% accountability and consumption tracking!


Security and integrity

SavePro was designed exclusively for industrial environments! Your data is secure!. The database of the software can be installed on a separate server, stored in a cloud solutions or periodical backups make sure that nothing of value is ever lost! The database cannot be deleted or damaged by a power outage.




Dimensions Technical details
Dimensions: 940 x 990 x 1820 mm
Weight: 300 kg
Voltage: 230V/51Hz
Current in-take: 1 A
Current transformer: 230V – 24V
Protection against e. shock: It can be connected to a grounded power network
Number of shelves: 6 by default (can be increased to 7)
Max load weight/shelf: max 40 kg
Operating temperature: between 0 and 40Co
Power consumption : 40W
Noise level: Does not exceed 70dB
230V socket
LAN network or 3G (optional)

We think in systems

SavePro is managed by the same, easy to use umbrella application –SaveLog–that controls all other IVM units.

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