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SaveIT – integration solution for any enterprise resource planning system (ERP)


Integration between SaveLog and local ERP

The SaveIT solution is the bridge between the SaveLog management software (which operates SavePro and SaveRent automats) and the local ERP such as SAP.

It enables automatic and direct connection between the two systems, bringing benefits like periodical employee data updates, consumption report exports or as automatic orders to suppliers once reported (export) stock levels reach a minimum level in the automats.

How does it work?

SaveIT utilizes a third-party software, an ACE middleware integrator and provides a continuous data flow between the two systems. This does not mean that we change anything in the ERP, modify or develop new modules or change anything in the interface.

  • SaveIT simply reaches already existing ERP tables and functions.
  • It also eliminates the possibility of a human error during import/export.
  • We will set up SaveIT by cooperating with your designated IT technician or SAP consultant.


Hardware Software
Intel Core 2 Duo at 2 GHz (or equivalents from other vendors) A dedicated Windows server (min. 2003)
4 GB RAM (or more) Microsoft IIS
500 MB disc space (initial size) MSSQL server and license
ACE Integration server
SAP Frontend

How does it help

You save time & energy: No need to manually update the SaveLog database with employee data such as login information.

You don’t make mistakes: SaveIT automated dataflow does not leave space for human errors.

Up-to-date information 24/7 in your management software: You can check stock level and consumption data any time in the ERP

You won’t run out of important items:SaveIT monitors your stock level and sends information directly to the SAP or a similar system if the stock depletes to a certain level.

Information safety


We will set up SaveIT by cooperating with your designated IT technician or SAP consultant.


SaveIT operation



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