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SaveCon – conveyor type automat for small consumables

„SaveCon professional vending solution for small items! ”

SaveCon is a conveyor-based automat, that stores and distributes   The application has greatly simplified tracking our suppliers and products and we realized a 30% reduction in the consumption of supplies. The ordering process has been also greatly simplified by it. – Bálint Takács, Procurement Manager, Visteon Hungary Ltd, Alba Plantitems too small to be placed in the standard helix-based dispensing system. Think office supplies, inserts, milling cutters, drill bits or chips. We take small items seriously!

Combined with our traditional vending method, we make sure you can manage and control the consumption of such material, they will not disappear in bulks and we will save you from the unnecessary administrational burden of trying to distribute these item piece by piece.

The keyword for SaveCon is FLEXIBILITY. SaveCon’s conveyor modules are operated by the same motors that drive conventional SavePro 3 helixes.


SaveCon implies

Cost reduction90%
Process optimization75%
Perfect and constant tracking 100%
Clear logistical overview85%




the two available system types

All four types are based on the same machine!
The differences are in the software solutions implemented and the extent of IT support:
  • Classic
  • The SaveCon Classic software package is designed for smaller companies, employing . It is easier to operate and is perfect for the installation of a few automats.

    The software calibration options and the level of detail in the settings and the consumption reports are lower.

  • Professional
  • The SaveCon Professional software package features more options and gives a lot more control over the user, who has the option to tailor the reports according to his needs and to schedule automatic report and data downloads. The professional version allows the creation of sophisticated restriction systems, for example defining a minimum time period in minutes between two transactions. Owners of the professional package have the chance to bring out the best IVM’s system has to offer and to customize the operations for further efficiency and administration time reductions.


      Technical Specifications of the SaveCon Industrial Vending Machine

      SaveCon stands on adjustable levelling legs. The front panel is made of unbreakable plexiglass. The access door is easy to open and is theft-proof! The automat is operated by the SaveLog software:

      • The software is responsible for the monitoring and recording of all transactions and operations.
      • It logs all data and is able to send them automatically in email or present them in downloadable, importable XLS or CSV files.
      • It continues to operate even in the case of network errors.
      • Supports 3 ID methods: card readers, bar code reader or PIN code-based login
      • It has a multicolored graphic display that is also able to display customized marketing videos.
      • SavePro is available in 10 different languages and is able to display all character codes.
      • The access door is secure, massive, but also easy to push open.
      • The two-stage theft-protection system eliminates all unauthorized access to the interior of the machine, even during product vending.
      Internal Storage Layout
      • 6 adjustable height trays, with an additional one, if neccessary
      • 10 moduls in each shelf
      • Each modul has a capacity of 25 items in general. In case of smaller items more can fit.
      • Maximum item dimensions: diameter 20 mm, width 60 mm
      • It records all transactions and tracks them by employee names!

      The employees can only withdraw products from the vending machine after identification and according to pre-set restrictions  defined by the company, that determine the type and amount of product available for certain personel.  All product withdrawals are recorded by name.

      100% accountability and cost tracking! 


      savepro-oldalrapsDue to its modular set up SaveCon can be combined with SavePro, thus you can utilize the advantages of both systems.

      We can build SaveCon modules into SavePro with as few as one module, thus we tailor the machines to your needs.



      It is foolproof!

      The structure was specifically designed for industrial usage; insulated electronic current provides a foolproof operation, even when the vending machine is installed at non-conventional locations. The database cannot be deleted or damaged by a power outage.

      I am interested!





      Dimensions Technical details
      Dimensions: 940 x 990 x 1820 mm
      Own mass: 350-450 kg
      Voltage: 230V/50Hz
      Current in-take: 1 A
      Current transformer: 230V – 24V
      Protection against e-shock: It can be connected to a grounded power network
      Number of shelves: 6 by default (can be increased to 7)
      Max load weight/shelf: max 40 kg
      Operating temperature: between 0 and 40Co
      Power consumption : 30W
      230V socket
      static IP address
      LAN network connection or GPRS
      Project Details