SaveFlex – For ICT and office supply dispense



You might need to dispense an item or item package only once to your employees, think of welcome packages for new workers. IVM’s SaveFlex (locker-type) vending machine provides the solution. You place the item in the appointed  slot of the locker, give access to the employee, send him a note and he can take the item.  SaveFlex is also great for exchanging and repairing tools, that are the responsibility of one person.



Why SaveFlex?


It is the most effective – and most trendy – tool to hand out welcome package for new employees

Fully integrateable to support/ticketing systems

All tools (the exchanged ones as well) can be monitored via local network, distant diagnostics and data-access

The workload and administration tasks of the IT department can be reduced greatly

More effective – and less frustrated! – employees with always working IT tools

Fastest way of giving fixed IT tools back to the employee

Simple exchange of disfunctioning IT tools aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thanks to its modular, variable-size lockers, the size of tools can vary greatly. Built-in electric and LAN plugs in all lockers




Welcome package/one-time-distribution

The IT department/responsible person places the welcome package in the SaveFlex and gives access rights to the new colleague

The new colleague receives notification and takes the package

The SaveLog records the transations and it is all done (no paperwork, extra excel sheets…)


Tool exchange

 The employee notifies the responsible person or department (maintenance/IT department/Helpdesk etc.) about the faulty tool. In response, he gets a one-time access to the SaveBox Flex

 The responsible person places the tools in the SaveFlex

 The employee changes his own faulty tool to the substitute-tool, punches the serial number or its unique ID as well as the error, misfunction

 SaveLog sends notification to the responsible person about the exchange

 After the faulty tool was taken, SaveLog sends notification to the servicepoint about whose tool, with what malfunction and what time has been taken to the service

 After fixing the tool, the tool is taken back to SaveFlex and the employee gets notified and is given a one-time access right to the SaveFlex again

 Upon returning the substitute tool to his fixed-up one, the employee needs to enter the serial number – this timet he substitute tool’s one – for identification. Once the returning is done, the responsible department gets notified and the transaction is recorded automatically


What can you store inside





Benefits of SaveLog software:


Controls and tracks all transactions (distribution, rent, take back)


Generates standard and custom reports for management and administration


Multilanguage software and control panel interface


Sets and manages company- and individual-level restrictions

Technical parameters


Dimensions: Parameters
Dimension: 661 x 506 x 827 mm
Own mass: 80 kg
Voltage: 230V/50 Hz
Turn-out display  10.1″
Number of doors: Min 6 to max 12
Colour: Grey



                                                                                                                                                                                 Company card        


Local server, Plug&Play, 3G network, Mixed VPN-Local closed network, SaveNetwork (VPN), IVM cloud


We think in system

SaveFlex is managed by the same, easy to use software application – SaveLog – as the rest of the IVM machines. Thus it is easily scalable with IVM’s other powerful solutions.


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