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SaveBox Smart – Universal storage with stand-alone feature

SaveBox Smart Vending Machine

SaveBox Smart is astand-alone SaveBox (locker-type storage) with its own control-system.SaveBox Smart is our most universal intelligent system to store and distribute manufacturing tools. Moreover: thanks to an optional function – the built-in scale – you can use SaveBox Smart for the 100% controlled distribution of small tools, which are stored in bigger volume and difficult to measure one-by-one. It is managed by the same SaveLog software as our other automats, which means that it comes with the same advantages and its management is just as easy!

Some examples of products to put into SaveBox Smart

Manufacturing products, small consumables, nuts, screws, tubes, sprays, liquids, protective clothing, protective shoes and hat..etc.


SaveBox Smart - easily expandable

SaveBox Smart has 7+1 doors, but can be extended by basic Saveboxes, which provides ample and variable storage.


SaveBox Smart Plus (SaveBox Smart with built-in scale)

SaveBox Smart and SaveBox (additional storage without its own control unit) can be upgraded with built-in scale units. With the help of the scale you can store and easily measure out small consumables (e.g. nails, screws and other items) and liquids, consumption of which has been hard to control.Scales can be built into one or even each of SaveBox’s compartments and  the take-out amount is controlled by the built-in weight-amount calculator.


Main benefits

  • Getting a product takes 10 seconds only eliminating the need for waiting, administration
  • Customised identification method: Supports bar code/magnetic card/PIN code identification methods.
  • Operates in YOUR language:It has a multilingual user interface, which can display special national characters
  • Ideal solution for companies of 20+ employees: Due to its small size and light weight SaveBox Smart can fit into the tiniest office or place.
  • 100% accountability and cost tracking: The employees can only withdraw products from the vending machine after identification and according to the preset restrictions. All product withdrawals are recorded by name.
  • The machine stores ALL data even during network errors or power outings
  • It’s software is part of SaveLog system, thus SaveBox Smart is fully compatible with our other systems: SavePro, SaveCon, SaveRent and SaveBox.
how to use ppe vending machine

SaveBox Smart size and variations

SaveBox Smart comes in an 8-door version, out of which 1 door serves as the control unit, thus 7 compartments can be filled with products. Its width is 400mm, depth is 500 mm and height is 1840 mm. SaveBox Smart can be extended with extra SaveBoxes: one Smart unit can control 99 SaveBox units, its maximum compartment/door number of 198. The standard SaveBox has doors from 3 to 10, and all door sizes in one unit are the same, but can connect SaveBoxes in any combination according to your needs. This makes it a uniquely flexible solution!

All doors are equipped with strong glass windows, allowing you to see the insides.

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Basic technical details:

Dimensions Technical details
Dimensions: 400 x 500 x 1840 mm
Own mass: 40-60 kg
Voltage: 230V/51 Hz
Current in-take: 1 A
Current transformer: 230V – 24V
Color: Gray and green
Number of doors: 1+7
Operating temperature: between 0 and 40Co
Power consumption : 40W
230V socket
LAN network or 3G (optional)
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