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SaveBin – for returning used tools, equipments

SaveBin return unit

SaveBin return unit

SaveBin enables your company to collect and dispose of used, dirty items in a controlled manner, by logging and recording all returns to individual employees.

How does it work??

SaveBin is a slave unit for SavePro or SaveBox Smart, and is managed through either of the two’s interface. Both the product access and the returning are fulyl controlled processes, enabling you to connect the uptake of new items to the recycling of a used one, or to control the number of items in each transaction. Naturally, the return process can function on its own, without the acquiring of a new product or any other perquisite steps.

Why chose SaveBin?

  • Return of the items is a fully controlled process
  • Collect the used products easily and securely
  • Recycle your items and store them separately (1-6 compartments)
  • Have total control over waste management
  • Protect the environment
  • Connect the access to new items to the return of an old one (optional)
  • Check whether your employees ‘over-use’ or ‘under-use’ certain type of items.

Technical details:

Dimensions Technical details
Dimension 180 / 720 x 760 mm
Own mass 100kg
Voltage 24V DC
Current-in-take 1 A
Current transformer 230V – 24V
Color Basic:Black,blue
Operating temperature 0 – 40C

SavePro3 + SaveBin combination


Configuration options

SaveBin shall be configured according to your requirements. The trolley can be divided into 6 different compartments with variable sizes for each bag.

  • Positions can be freely named, and will be displayed on the interface accordingly
  • Maximum levels can be defined for each position, with the system automatically alerting the user if said levels are reached
  • One product can be configured into multiple positions
  • You can collect more than one product per position

Configuration options

bin var


  • Connect product vending to the return of a product (e.x. you can defined the maximum number of items that can be in the possession of a single employee)
  • Collect hazardous materials
  • Collect into separate compartments based on waste management processes (e.x. define whether a type of glove is to be forwarded for cleaning and restocking, or is marked for chemical treatment, or is to be disposed of)
User interface

3 functions can be accessed:

  • Access new products
  • Return products
  • Return products and access new ones
  • SaveBin takes a photo of each returned item, which is automatically logged to each transaction and the individual employee in the system.
  • The photos are saved to the transaction database, and can later be managed by a designated user from management.

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