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The application has greatly simplified tracking our suppliers and products and we realized a 30% reduction in the consumption of supplies. The ordering process has been also greatly simplified by it. Fair prices and a high-quality service make the cooperation with IVM Zrt a pleasant experience. – Bálint Takács, Procurement Manager, Visteon Hungary Ltd, Alba Plant

hy is the SaveLog system the perfect tool for your warehouse items?  Because  it assists you in almost all aspects of your work. You can look at it as the perfect help who is always on duty, never sleeps, never gets sick or forgets something!

We know a warehouse manager has a lot of tasks and so a lot of question can arise concearning  the implementation of the SavePro system, here are some examples to help you get an idea:

Would you like to avoid overtime?
Are you annoyed because there is a long queue in front of the warehouse at each shift change?
Would you like to simplify stock administration through the SavePro dispensing machine?
Is it hard to follow up what kind of products arrived to the warehouse and from which supplier?
Does the storage of frequently consumed expendable supplies take up too much place?
Would you like to implement a closed distribution chain for certain products?
Are you often alerted in the last minute by production department, when they have completely run out of something? Do you often get urgent orders causing fuss and hurry?