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The carefully designed setup and refined logic of the SavePro system offers much more than its users would ask for in the first place. The helpful development team at IVM Zrt answered questions which have not even been formulated by their potential clients. I hope that we can test this equipment in a production environment. – ZB, manager at a leading pharmaceutical company

examples from our clients show that introducing the SavePro vending machine system for expendable supplies results in a substantial reduction in the consumption of products placed in the vending machines. Based on our experiences, the minimum saving is 20% and the maximum can be as high as 90%

Questions you may have already asked but failed to get a satisfying answer:

How can I save costs and where should I implement cost reductions if I am afraid these will negatively effect my employees?
How can I achieve better performance optimization at my company?
Why would a vending machine for the PPE or tools be the right solution?
Can I implement a safe storage technology by using these machines?
How can the productivity be increased?
How can I control better the usage of consumables?
Exactly what is the key explanation for the dramatic decrease in consumption which is caused by the SavePro vending machine?
How can I choose between similar systems?