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If you are interested in the distribution, stocking and other subjects related to the sales of the industrial vending machines, then please visit us personally.

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Our partnership is based on the following pillars:
  • transparent communication regarding our business innovation
  • shared marketing approach
  • continuous education to improve joint market activities
  • very professional technical support

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  • Guntner example of a successful story
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The opinions of others

Friendly and helpful staff, fast reaction time. The average decrease is consumption is 25%, but it reached 90% at certain products.The service provided by IVM is top quality. - Christian K. Poehner, Henkel
The reason we chose this vending machine was the increased comsumption of the gloves, which was a very good decision on our part. We are completely satisfied with the automat, the comsumption is vastly reduced, the support colleagues' attitude is maximal, they are very helpful. I'm glad that I can work with colleagues of IVM Ltd. - Andrea Vakán, Impreglon Ltd., Hungary
We have found IVM SavePro as the most developed and and well established system we can reach on the market. Also the strategy of cooperation based on exclusivity on our domestic market which IVM follows has been for us very much interesting. The joint venture is efficient and brings us very much satisfaction! We expect that IVM will develop more technical service which can easily secure the rising number of installed machines to keep the high level of satisfaction of the customers! – Wojciech R. – Procurator Bhp Poland