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Successful trainings at IVM

The Academy


We think that it is really important to train our partners to experts, that is why we started IVM Academy.WP_20140424_003

The aim of the Academy was to have at least one expert from every distributor company, who is able to hold presentation at the partners about our vending machine. And finish a successful project.

Collaboration is the key to extend our business all over the world.

We assembled a well-defined structure and condition, and educational material next to it, that everyone can follow who is involved in the education, and can be measured by the exams.

We want to develop the quality level of knowledge of our partner!

What IVM Academy is about?

IVM Academy is a five-part training program, consisting of different levels, different conditions built to each others, that must be fulfilled for the participant, which is why we offer this to people who work with the machines on different levels.


The first Trainings went well


We organized this education for Hungarians and also for foreign partners. Our first ‘students’ were from Czech Republic, Poland and IMG_2023Hungary. They drove hours to us, and still have the attention for the presentations. A really good team gathered to our meeting room, we had a great and very useful time together.

First day they were provided an insight into sales activities, marketing issues, support know-how and they really saw the insight of the machine with the help of our chief technician colleague. The next morning they all came back and acquired the knowledge of the SPMS software (basic and advanced level), and Emese Várnagy, CEO of IVM, held a presentation about the important tasks of a project manager.

We are sure they all will pass the exams successfully, and they will become our certificated partners.




Thanks for everyone who participated in organizing, in lecturing and of course thanks for every participants for coming!




The key of a successful education, we have to learn from our mistakes, so we asked the participants to fill out an evaluation form.  Here is the sum of it:



What’s coming:


We would like to improve the IVM Academy’s thematic to perfection, and reach a high quality of education. Our aim to have a collaborative partnership, so we can work together as a team, not only inside our company but create a team between 2 different companies with a common goal.

Now a summer brake is coming regarding to the Academy, but we are planning to organize courses monthly, so everyone can keep up, and get to know every development first hand.

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