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Recipient name: IVM Private Share Company
Project title: Revolutionizing industrial micro logistics – R&D experimental developments for the production, innovative management and operation of integrated and automatized tool-vending machines
Overall value of grant: 67 228 986 Ft
Grant percentage: 45 %
Introduction of the project: The project aim is the introduction of 4 different micro-logistical machines, based on different functions and technologies, yet integrated into an already existing tool-management system, under the collective control of an umbrella platform.
End product:
• Conveyor-type dispenser module
• Recycling unit
• Intelligent storage and distribution system
• Cylinder-type tool-vending system
• Virtual modelling and testing platform

Conveyor-type dispenser module: Uniquely developed hinge belt with innovative side protection panels that open during the end point of the rotation and prevent the sideways movement of items stored within.

Recycling unit: An extension unit for the already existing vending systems, for the sorting and storing of used PPEs, MROs, parts and tools. The solution incorporates an intelligent product identification process, separate storage compartments for each product types, and through integration into a common platform, the restriction of the access to new products until the used ones are returned and recycled.

Intelligent storage and distribution system: The advanced, further development an already existing, compartment based storage unit, where the product vending is traceable throughout the transaction (by using either visual or weight-measuring technology – to be selected during the research phase). The result would enable the storage of product types that were excluded from automatized micro-logistical system before, including, but not limited to liquids, bulk products.

Cylinder-type tool-vending system: The key feature of this innovation is the modular technology. The interior layout is composed of circular trays with freely definable dimensions. During the transactions, product dropping shall be eliminated. The adequate dispensing of the products is to be done through either opening shutters or two-piece doors driven by electronic motors, that adjust automatically to the dimension of the accessible compartment, rotating to the place of delivery.

Virtual modelling and testing platform: The purpose is to build an suitable copy of an industrial IT networks in order to properly test the prototypes in a real-life, cloud-based environment.

Expected finish date: 2017.05.31.
Project ID number: GINOP-2.1.1-15-2015-00031