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Storage-manufacturing company introduces transparent PPE distribution


One of Romania’s leading storage manufactures had long-lasting struggle with two issues: very high consumption of PPE gloves and the lack of control over consumption. There was no system to track who took how many items and when. The company also had difficulties with the complicated distribution process of the items.



After the company’s representative visited one of our partners who has already installed IVM machines and got first-hand information about their savings achieved by our machines, they decided to go ahead and try IVM solutions themselves:

They installed one SavePro helix-operated machine in their lobby, where all of the employees enter the factory. The employees can take the items from the machine with their entry-cards, all the transactions are recorded and kept track of. The company itself does the refilling of the machines with PPE items.



  • Over the years, the company achieved substantial savings in its PPE spending.
  • They now have a very transparent distribution of PPE items, they systematically keep track of every transaction made with SavePro.

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