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International automotive player makes workflow flawless


Themultinational automotive industry player’s distribution system, was overcomplicated, which resulted in an over-crowded warehouse at certain times. They couldn’t keep track of the consumption of neither their PPE products, nor other items necessary for manufacturing. On top of all, their safety expert was greatly overwhelmed with distributing gloves, which took his focus (and time) off of his main tasks.



The company installed four SavePro helix-operated machines at high-traffic areas of the factory. They started distributing a wide range of items – T-shirts, glasses, gloves etc. – from the machines.



Besides that the consumption dropped significantly, the products are available 24/7 and are within reach, so employees do not have to go to the warehouse to get them, which saves time and increases effectiveness.

Bonus: The safety expert can concentrate 100% on his other tasks, utilization of his expertise is now maximized.

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