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Global automotive safety supplier funnels PPE usage


One of the largest automotive safety supplier experienced great difficulties in keeping track of the consumption of PPE items. The company’s employees work in three shifts and to supply all of the workers with the necessary products, they placed a certain amount of PPE items at the team leaders’ storage and usually all items were gone in the morning, without the chance to know who took what (and why). To rationalize the consumption, the management decided to drive usage in a controlled manner.

In addition, the company’s EHS specialist was spending most of his time distributing PPE, which took his focus off of his other tasks.



Five SavePro helix-operated vending machines were installed at various production lines, all within a 20 second-reach of the workers. The SavePros contain various products covering different sectors of production: glasses, gloves, finger-protection items etc.



  • The company achieved 35% savings in PPE spending.
  • Moreover, placing the machines in strategic areas, resulted in a very smooth distribution process and more time for daily tasks.
  • Products are available 24/7 for the night shifts, the distribution is automatic and 100% controlled.

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