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A well-known global automotive company cuts its ppe glove spending by nearly 70%


The management of a regional plant of a major automotive player realized they were using unreasonably more protection gloves than they felt it was necessary based on their performance. Moreover the distribution of the gloves was not controlled and the management could not identified the reason for the overusage.

It became a critical goal for the management to rationalize the usage of gloves, thus reduce the associated cost, while ensuring continous access of the workers to the ppe products and keep performance on – at least – the same level.



The company choose IVM’s SavePro helix system to distribute the gloves by giving the employees access through their existing proximity badges. SavePro is a coil operated industrial vending machine for storing and distributing any kind of protective equipment, tools and other items used for manufacturing goods under 100% control.



  • In one year, the overall spending has been reduced by 67%
  • The average costs per person has been reduced by 58%
  • Workers can easily and comfortably get gloves
  • Costs are easily trackable and forecastable.

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