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Visit at Philips of Poland

At this corporation, the supplier is treated like a Minister

Managers as well as external and internal professionals who participated in a project usually convene at the completion of its testing period to evaluate the results and coordinate the next steps.


This was about to happen at the largest Polish production site of Philips, where around 1500 people are employed in the production of light fixtures. The factory installed one of our SavePro vending machines a few months ago and I was also invited to attend the project completion meeting along with Procurator Sp. z o.o., our Polish partner.

We arrived to the company with Adina (our International Project Manager) at 11:00 AM after a long and tiresome journey. We were greeted by 6-8 people, who were smiling warmly. They offered us coffee and told us the schedule, as they wanted to show us around. It turned out that they were completely satisfied with our equipment and wanted to continue the cooperation as they achieved savings over 40% by implementing the vending machine. And now they wanted to show us who they really were.


picture1I was very surprised to see that a big number of their experts were assigned to show us the huge furnace, the glass production lines. We have seen how sand is turned into light fixtures in the factory which is almost fully automated. Engineers were explaining the processes in a friendly manner, everyone was smiling and we felt that we are as important as medieval kings, though we were just the ambassadors of a small Hungarian company who have installed a few vending machines in a gigantic factory.

After that we were transported by car to the training center and showroom, where a nice lady has shown the fantastic  light effects created in various spaces by employing warm, cold, white and other colours. We were in awe and all the workers can be justly proud of the fantastic showroom as that is  the only one of its kind in the world.


And the surprises and kind gestures were  not over yet, as lunch was ordered for us and we also received a picture2sizeable package as a parting gift.

I have no idea how I can repay the attention and kindness of these infinitely friendly and kind people.


How could this culture of behaviour be transported to other companies and countries?



There is one thing the top management of Philips can be sure of:

  1. They have the best possible employees and they are very proud of it!
  2. Each aspect of the ongoing project will receive my special attention to make sure no problems will rise.
  3. I will promote this company everywhere when the opportunity presents itself.

I am honoured to list the Pila branch of Philips as the best reference location!

Dr. Emese Várnagy, Chief Executive Officer

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