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Welcome to IVM Zrt.-The storekeeper that never sleeps and never forgets!

A dynamically growing European industrial vending machine company.

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  • Cannot control the consumption of ppe, mro, office or other supplies?
  • Are you looking for a trustworthy vending machine manufacturer?
  • Looking for a way to make crucial items available for the night shift?
  • Interested in an effective method of cost reduction?
For distributors
  • Are you interested in a new business opportunity which:
  • gives your company a competitive advantage?
  • helps you increase your revenue with the vending machine business?
  • provides the perfect inventory system for external warehouses?

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Our Products

Taking the lead in the industrial vending machine business

IVM develops and manufactures an extended portfolio of industrial vending machines (the SaveLog system). We have been in the vending machine business for 5 years and has been growing dynamically ever since. Being the developer and the vending machine manufacturer, we offer flexible solutions either for buy, lease or rent. Also being a Central-European vending machine company, we offer support from within the European Union, which gives us a unique advantage. More information on our systems: HERE.

How to buy a vending machine

There are several things you need to consider when buying (or renting) a vending machine. There are many companies in the vending machines business and their offers vary greatly. We put together the most important factors you need to think through before deciding on the type and number of the vending machines you want to buy.

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I don’t believe in the effectiveness of a machine. How can this radical cost reduction be achieved?
Who will decide how many machines are needed?
What is the cost of the system?
Why would I be interested in the vending machines business?
Do we need different ID cards to identify ourselves?


The reason we chose this vending machine was the increased comsumption of the gloves, which was a very good decision on our part. We are completely satisfied with the automat, the comsumption is vastly reduced, the support colleagues' attitude is maximal, they are very helpful. I'm glad that I can work with colleagues of IVM Ltd. - Andrea Vakán, Impreglon Ltd., Hungary
Only a few installed SavePro machine resulted a significant cost reduction: the expance of the PPE decreased by 30%. - Zsolt Medrala, CFO, Freudenberg Hungary

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